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H - Dimes
( EF)
"Boldly detailed along each of the separated tresses, sharpness also includes a distinct and nearly complete border between the bust and lower drapery. Strong shield lines display very well on the reverse, except of course where the dies were typically weak, toward the upper right horizontal lines. Minor abrasions cross diagonally through the center of the hair on the obverse, and the only notable mark on the reverse rests beneath NIT."
Item# H-1801-01 Price:"$8,000.00 "
( F/polished)
"Mintage: 120,780. Modearately prominent contrast emantes from the happy combination of deep, near-ebony dark grey patina dominating the fields, only to emphasize the lovely mahogany-grey devices. A loupe readily finds plenty of detail for the major motifs, but even arm's length viewing shows this to be a well-detailed dime. A complete E PLURIBUS UNUM can easily be read on the reverse."
Item# H-1805-01 Price:$750.00
( VF-25)

Item# H-1805-03 Price:"$1,100.00 "
( Fine)
"Mintage: 165,000. Relatively minor old scratches nearly cross on Liberty's face and a couple of darker spots can be seen at and beneath the lower bust. Pleasing vintage quality with very nice bold features defined throughout."
Item# H-1807-01 Price:"$1,200.00 "
( AU)

Item# H-1814-02 Price:"$1,000.00 "
( EF)
The famous die-state that shows considerable cracking of the die within the shield lines. Plenty of luster for the grade.
Item# H-1814-05 Price:$750.00
( EF)
"Amazingly perfect original, borderline EF dime. Zero distractions and as nice as many certified EF-40s!"
Item# H-1821-03 Price:$500.00
( AU)

Item# H-1823-01 Price:$800.00
( VF)
Powdery steely grey toning overall with slightly bright undertone surrounding some devices.
Item# H-1824-01 Price:$550.00
( VF-30)
Trivial abrasions include a delicate hairline scratch down the best and an even shorter one at S11.
Item# H-1827-01 Price:$280.00
( EF-45)
"Die state E is the terminal die state, with a prominent cud over UNIT on the reverse."
Item# H-1831-15 Price:$375.00
( AU)

Item# H-1835-01 Price:$450.00
( Color!)

Item# H-1853-03 Price:$400.00
(PCGS PF-64)

Item# H-1942-01 Price:$180.00