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G - Half Dime
( VG-10)
"The reverse seems to stand at F-12 all by itself, given strong shield lines and the presence of some definition within the feathers. A shallow, oblong mark clings to Liberty's lips like a cigar, but has toned into the rest of the coin, rendering it mostly invisible. Olive-grey overall with no particular evidence of cleaning, and the most noticeable mark (aside from the cigar) seems to be a tick at the shield's upper left."
Item# G-1800-01 Price:"$2,000.00 "
( EF-45)
"This outrageous beauty possess inimitably gorgeous album toning throughout both sides, with denim-blue, sea-green, magenta-gold and neon violet colors splashing about all over the place to the tune of . Grade? What grade? Let's just go with super-UNC and worry about selling the color instead. A phenomenal jewel that must be seen to be believed."
Item# G-1853o-04 Price:"$3,000.00 "