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ZP - Currency/Paper Money/Colonial Notes
(PCGS VF-25)
"Confederate States of America, SN 83477, Plate D, print dated July 25th, 1861. Signed by Register and Treasurer along bottom edge. "
Item# ZP-CN-0001 Price:$175.00
( CU 63)

Item# ZP-FR-1536-01 Price:$110.00
( CU 63)

Item# ZP-FR-236-01 Price:$550.00
( AU)

Item# ZP-FR--994-01 Price:"$1,000.00 "
(PMG VG-10)

Item# ZP-G14A-01 Price:"$1,000.00 "
ca 1860s
"New Haven, Connecticut $1. Opened in 1832 and remained in business as a state bank well into the 20th century. In 1915 it was merged into the New Haven National Bank."
Item# ZP-OB-0001 Price:$425.00
(PMG 64 EPQ)
"Washington, DC Printed by W.L. Ormsby, and features dark green overall tint and a great American eagle vignette."
Item# ZP-OB-0002 Price:$350.00
(PMG VG-10)
"New Orleans, Louisiana. A rarely seen note from this earlier City of New Orleans issue. This $3 features a vignette of Liberty amid tropical foliage at top center known as `The Tropics`. It was engraved by W.W. Rice based on the work of artist Henry W. Herrick. The sailor vignette that was also used for Confederate T18 notes is seen at lower left and a ship is observed at lower right."
Item# ZP-OB-0003 Price:$150.00