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Colonials/Pre-Federal coins
( VF)
VF details with evidence of fairly recent rub on the reverse center. The Roman numerals can almost all be read more or less, though several are certainly very, very faint.
Item# W-0001, Price:$700
1778 Breen-1141
( UNC detail)
A famous blunder for the original dies included the Dutch word vlugtende, which means fleeing, imprinted beneath the British ship, which represented Admiral Richard Howe's flagship. To contemporary observers in Europe, this would have implied that the British flagship was fleeing battle with the American forces, which would have been depressing news for the British allies. In fact, the opposite was true in that the Americans were the ones in retreat. Thus, the die was corrected by stamping an ornamental wreath in place of the errant lettering. Although one cannot dispute the very dark, rough quality of the surface, the coin actually does seem to exhibit UNC details, and an extremely strong strike, as very single cannon actually juts up above the surface. We have never seen a better-defined example, and it is too bad this one couldn't survive without resignation to the detrimental effects of exposure to the environment.
Item# W-0050, Price:$1,500