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(NGC MS-66)
An intriguing crescent of khaki-grey drapes downward from the upper obverse rim, evolving into more colorful 'oil slick' hues as it terminates at the shoulders of the effigy. A delightful very-gem example that should prove well worth the premium over common white gems.
Item# U-0701, Price:$175
( color!)
Mintage: 1,550,405 net. MS-63 or better in quality, the price (or value, if one prefers) derives from some alluring color that has developed mostly on the obverse. There, vivid indigo-blue and bronze toning drapes the upper and lower areas of the portrait, ceding to salmon-gold overall. The reverse features similar colors in lesser proportions, though distributed over a surface of exceptionally fine, gem quality.
Item# U-0301, Price:$175
( color!)
Mintage: 152,112. Limiting the technical grade, a subtle, slender scratch snakes upward from IGWT, touching the Pilgrim's hat on the way toward the rim. However, as can be plainly seen in the photos, some exceedingly appealing album toning greatly enhances the overall appearance, providing classic cyan and cinnamon-gold borders around the central devices. A startling, lustrous gem at arm's length!
Item# U-0653, Price:$100
(NGC (no-line, grey label) MS-65)
Remarkably attractive even for just the MS-65 grade, since the entire coin is so clean and devoid of distraction. Subtle bronze-grey accents touch the design elements on the highest points. This might be a candidate for upgrade aside from a tiny contact point on the eyebrow and hints of light haze overall.
Item# U-0681, Price:$210
( Choice BU)
No text description has been provided for this coin. Please see image.
Item# U-505, Price:$90