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Frequently Asked Questions
Do you buy coins?
It's difficult to have coins to sell unless we buy them first. Therefore, Yes, we do buy coins. We specialize in early 19th century coins, but are very interested in just about every series. Even coins whose value is based on silver, gold, and platinum content (bullion) has interest for us!

Please let us know what you have to sell, and if we cannot buy your coins, we will try to give you contact information for someone who can. Because we are collectors as well as dealers, we have numerous contacts in the community at the retail level, and may have access to selling outlets not really available to dealers. If you have so-called "problem" coins (cleaned, altered surfaces, damaged, etc.), contact us! Many of our clients are seeking such coins as an affordable entry into the hobby.

What other services do you offer?
  • appraisals - informal (a free service) and formal ($100 per hour, refundable if we purchase the collection)
  • coin imaging - specializing in macro digital photography ($15 per coin)
  • articles - please ask for references or examples of articles we've written
  • cataloging - we have cataloged many thousands of coins for various companies, including several auction houses
Do you guarantee grades for raw coins?
  • all coins are unconditionally guaranteed genuine
  • grading companies have frequently disagree on grades between themselves, and are too often inconsistent themselves
  • therefore, it's impossible to "guarantee" what a coin will grade at a grading company, so we can never "guarantee" a grade
  • our 10 day return policy should be sufficient for you to obtain a slabbing opinion if you so desire, but at your cost
With thirty years of combined experience, we've about seen it all. Still, we can definitely make mistakes. If we make an egregious error selling a coin, we'll do whatever is possible to set it right. Surprisingly, many collectors do not care at for submitting coins to a third-party grading and encapsulation company, and we use them only sparingly ourselves. That being said, if you want your coins certified, it is best to purchase them already-certified, rather than take your chances on the grading "game".